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Introduce the Internet speed test tool you are using extremely detailed and accurate.

Okay, it’s very easy to use, click the Start Test button to start the Internet speed test process. Please allow if asked !


Well, after the test is complete, you will have the following parameters:

  • ISP: The network service you are using.
  • IPv4: The IP address (Public) given to you by your carrier.
  • System: The version of the web browser you are using, and the computer operating system you are using.
  • Download: Based on this index we can know the file download speed, in Mbps (Megabit/sec).
  • Upload: Based on this index we can know the file upload speed, the unit is also in Mbps (Megabit/sec).
  • Latency: Meaning delay……


If you want to change the display unit then you can click on the settings icon.


And choose the unit you want to display.. But I think you should leave it as default 🙂


Yes, it’s that simple. With this tool, you can easily test the speed of the network you are using very accurately.

In addition, if you want to share the network speed test results for others to see, click the  Share  button to share.

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