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I. How to edit photos online with Tools Online?

Start Editing Photos Online

This tool is very easy to use, I will briefly introduce the features of this tool as follows:

#1. Add photo to photo editing tool

Click Open Photo => select an image from your computer (if you are using a computer), or select an image from Album (if you are using a phone).

Or if you simply want to test the functions included in this tool, you can temporarily use 1 of 3 available Demo images.

cach-chinh-sua-cong-cu-anh-truc-tuyen (1)

#2. What functions are available in this online photo editing toolkit?

  • FILTER: Filter
  • RESIZE: Resize the image.
  • CROP: Crop/crop the image.
  • TRANSFORM: Rotate image, reverse image, change image orientation…
  • DRAW: Draw on images with different nib sizes..
  • TEXT: Write text on photos, write captions on photos…
  • SHAPES: Add existing shapes to the image..
  • STICKERS: Add emoji icons to photos…
  • FRAME: Change the image to the ratio you want.
  • CORNERS: Cornering for photos..
  • BACKGROUND: Change background color for photos…
  • MERGE: Merge multiple images together.

cach-chinh-sua-cong-cu-anh-truc-tuyen (2)

Okay, now we’ll get to each feature in detail:

2.1. Using FILTER

You click on the FILTER tool => select the filter you like. You can combine multiple filters together.

When you’re satisfied, click Apply to apply the changes, or if you don’t want to use it, click Cancel.

cach-chinh-sua-cong-cu-anh-truc-tuyen (3)

2.2. RESIZE tool (resize image)

Select the RESIZE tool => now there are 2 options for you, which are:

  • Maintain Aspect Ratio: Change the size according to the size ratio of the image.
  • Use Percentatages: Change the size as a percentage of the image.

=> Then you click Apply to apply the changes.

cach-chinh-sua-cong-cu-anh-truc-tuyen (4)

2.3. CROP Tool (Crop Image)

You choose the CROP tool => then choose one of the available ratios, or manually CROP the image by dragging and dropping the dots on the image.

cach-chinh-sua-cong-cu-anh-truc-tuyen (5)

2.4. Rotate images, reverse images with TRANSFORM

cach-chinh-sua-cong-cu-anh-truc-tuyen (6)

2.5. DRAW Tool (Draw over image)

You select the DRAW tool, now there will be 3 options for you which are:

  • Brush Color: Choose a color for the brush stroke.
  • Brush Type: Select a style for the brush stroke.
  • Brush Size: Choose the size for the brush stroke.

cach-chinh-sua-cong-cu-anh-truc-tuyen (7)

2.6. TEXT Tool (Write text on images)

You click on ADD TEXT => then select the font, text color .. to write a caption on the image.

cach-chinh-sua-cong-cu-anh-truc-tuyen (8)

2.7. SHAPE tool (Insert existing icons into images)

With this tool, you can insert arrows, stars, circles, triangles… into your images. Very pretty !

cach-chinh-sua-cong-cu-anh-truc-tuyen (9)

2.8. Insert emoticons on images

Yes, you can also easily insert emoticons such as sad, happy, surprised.. into the image quickly.

cach-chinh-sua-cong-cu-anh-truc-tuyen (10)

2.9. FRAME Tool (Insert more frames for photos)

You can choose from available frames to insert into your image. There are quite a few beautiful photo frames there !

cach-chinh-sua-cong-cu-anh-truc-tuyen (11)

2.10. CORNERS Tool (How to corner an image)

At the Radius slider, you just need to drag left or right to corner the image, then click Apply if you like it.

cach-chinh-sua-cong-cu-anh-truc-tuyen (12)

2.11. Fill the background with the BACKGROUND . tool

cach-chinh-sua-cong-cu-anh-truc-tuyen (13)

2.12. MERGE tool (Merge multiple images together)

You select Open to add one or more other images => click on MERGE to perform the merge.

In addition, I also introduce to you a few other basic features in this online photo editing tool.

cach-chinh-sua-cong-cu-anh-truc-tuyen (15)

=> Finally, after you have finished editing, ok then click Save to save the image to your computer!

cach-chinh-sua-cong-cu-anh-truc-tuyen (14)

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