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What is Instagram, I don’t need to introduce much, right? Yes, this is a very famous photo and video sharing social network next to big names like Facebook, Youtube and TikTok…

Instagram was acquired by Facebook and has grown rapidly. The most practical evidence is that every day this website has hundreds of millions of users, most of which are mainly young people.

And as a matter of fact, any service, website, or social network that has a large number of users has a lot of cool stuff to share. Among them are indispensable videos, funny videos, as well as educational videos.

Instagram does not provide users with a solution to download videos to your device, but we can do this easily.

Still the Tools Online tool, you can completely download Instagram videos in a very simple way, completely similar to how  download videos on Facebook, TikTok or  Youtube .. that I introduced earlier.

How to download videos on Instagram with X2 Tools Online

+ Step 1:  You open the video on Instagram that you want to download => then copy the video link (URL) as shown below.

cach-tai-video-tren-instagram (1)

+ Step 2:  Next, paste the Instagram link (URL) into X2 Tools Online => then click the  DOWNLOAD  button next to it.

cach-tai-video-tren-instagram (2)

+ Step 3:  You wait a moment for Tools Online to get the download link => finally click on the format you want to download.

cach-tai-video-tren-instagram (3)

You should remember that, in addition to Instagram, Tools Online also provides you with many other cool utilities, I will continue to gradually upgrade it for you to use.

So please bookmark this website to use when needed !

Source: x2.toolsvip.net

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