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Here is Tools Online’s extremely effective and accurate tool to help calculate interest when buying a home on installments, or buying anything on installments.

This tool will help you calculate the bank interest rate in the form of decreasing interest rate, or the form of  interest divided equally.

The advantage of this tool is that it supports returning results via your Email.


Số tiền vay


Thời gian tiền vay


Lãi suất vay


Loại hình vay

Tổng số tiền lãi phải trả

500.000.000 đ

Tổng số tiền phải trả đ

Số kỳ trả Dư nợ đầu kỳ (VND) Gốc phải trả (VND) Lãi phải trả (VND) Gốc + Lãi(VND)
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About how to use it, there is not much to guide, you enter the necessary information and you will have the results returned immediately.

For example: Suppose I want to borrow 1 billion from a bank with an interest rate of 10%/year, the loan period is 10 years, you will get the result as shown below:

+ In the first case, I will choose the form  Paying interest according to the reducing balance . As the results returned, the amount of interest after 10 years when paying with this form is more than 500 million, guys.

NOTE:  You can click the button   PAYMENT SCHEDULE DETAILS to see the details of the monthly payable amount.

cong-cu-tinh-lai-suat-tra-gop-khi-mua-nha- (1)

+ Scenario 2, I will choose the form  Paying interest divided equally. As the result returns, the amount of interest after 10 years when paying with this form is round 1 billion.

cong-cu-tinh-lai-suat-tra-gop-khi-mua-nha- (2)

You can click the  GỬI BẢNG TÍNH QUA EMAIL button for easier tracking.

cong-cu-tinh-lai-suat-tra-gop-khi-mua-nha- (3)

The result we get will be as shown below. It’s that simple 🙂

cong-cu-tinh-lai-suat-tra-gop-khi-mua-nha- (4)

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